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How It Works

After trash collection has been made by your local trash collector, our cleaning process can begin. First, each bin will be visually inspected for any remaining debris. If there is any trash or debris remaining in your bin, we will bag it and place it back into your trash bin after our cleaning process has been completed.

After the initial inspection, a specially formulated green cleaning solution is applied to remove 99% of common bacteria from the surface of the bin.

The bin is then lifted onto our state of the art, self-contained cleaning platform at the rear of the truck by the hydraulic lifting mechanism, where a specially designed pressure washing system uses high pressure and 200 degree hot water to blast all the grease, grime, harmful bacteria and general yucky stuff from the inside of the container.

Whilst the bin is on the platform, the outside of the container and lid will be power washed with the same high temperature, high pressured water, removing all the dirt, dust and harmful bacteria.



When the can is fully cleaned & SanEitized it will be lowered down to be hand detailed and if you so require, a green certified deodorizer will be applied to keep it smelling fresh and clean.The hypoallergenic green certified solution has a natural pleasant scent and does not contain chemical fragrances.

The bin will then be placed back to either curbside or to the pre-determined place on your property.

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