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Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the health, safety and well-being of all residents and business owners in San Diego County who come in direct contact with trash, recycling and green waste bins or dumpsters. By providing a state of the art, eco-friendly and reliable service using 100% environmentally friendly cleaning procedures and EPA approved biodegradable products, SanEtizeIT LLC will thoroughly clean, sanitize and deodorize those unsanitary containers while helping to protect our cherished oceans, lakes, rivers and valuable drinking water supplies.

Trash Can Cleaning Services Kills Germs

We will rid your trash cans of noxious odors, germs, bacteria and rotting waste.

SanEtizeIT Trash Can Cleaning Services Truck

Dirty trash cans are more than foul smelling. They are a breeding ground for germs, mold, ants, flies and rodents.

SanEtizeIT Trash Can Cleaning Services
We come to your curbside and leave your trash cans clean, sanitized and smelling fresh.
Eco-Friendly Trash Can Cleaning Services

We utilize an eco-friendly cleaning process, using a minimum amount of water, to clean and sanitize your cans. We take Environmental Stewardship to heart. Learn more >

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Service was as expected and the results were great. The bins were looking pretty bad when we moved into the home and now they are extremely clean and all odors eliminated.

Bob B.



Timely, knowledgeable and very friendly attendant. My trash cans look brand new.

Justin D.

Great and timely service!

Keri L.

Service was outstanding, friendly and surpassed my expectations. Thank you!

Jennifer H.

David was a pleasure to work with and did an outstanding job.

Mark W.

Loved it!

Liz W.

Nicely done. no odor left cleaned inside and out. Thank you!

Jill J.

Love this service. Clean bins again. Like new.

Ericka D

I have already recommended this to 3 different people! What a genius idea. Our trash cans are looking brand new!


We were extremely happy! Will be using you again.


The service was as advertised and on time. Thank you!


Our first time using the service. Our trash bins look great and no longer smell.

Lloyd C.

Great job.

James P.

Excellent service and response time. Will recommend to friends and family.

Rob M.

So happy! Cans look great! Easy to book and came on time and didn’t even have to be here. I never even knew a service like this existed. Can’t believe I didn’t book sooner thank you.

Angela G.

Amazing job! And they smell good!

Angela M.

So happy with this service! We live in a small townhouse community and it is so hard to clean our trash cans. They look and smell great! Never thought I’d say that about garbage cans!

Payton J.

Saw this service available on social media. Have been needing to really deep clean our garbage cans since we moved into the new house and the prior owners left them pretty gross. Easily made reservations online, received clear instructions on the process, worker was on-time and did an awesome job. I knew the cans would be sparkly on the inside but bonus is they smell clean! Thank you so much!

Kristin F.

Excellent, professional service. Thank you.

Philip S.

Excellent service. The trash bins looked perfectly clean and no longer smelled!

Tami M.

You came in a timely manner and thoroughly cleaned two very dirty cans. They look new. Thanks so much! Due to putting kitchen waste in the yard waste can now we will become regular customers, they get much dirtier.

Carol S.

You are providing a much needed service and helping maintain a cleaner home for everyone. Thank you.

Lew C.

Such an amazing service for trash bins and were returned cleaner than expected. David, was by far a great conversation. Thank you and I look forward to future services.

Joe H.

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